Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I’ve blogged it before and I’ll blog it again, I am not a very worldly person.

Like most with an active imagination, can close my eyes and see myself basking on a yacht in Greece but at the end of the day, my boat that floats and a set of ear buds take me just about as far away as I need be. My understanding of the difference between want and need, followed by a somewhat limited amount of disposable income, has always kept me very well grounded. The other side of that coin is, having my feet firmly planted, gives me just enough curiosity to want to live a little on the vacation edge.

My room with a view!
TAKEN: NOVEMBER 30th, 2015
Speaking of  'vacation edge', I posted a new cover pic on my personal FB page (I've attached a link here)... I took it at dusk on the second night I was here in Cabo.

I had to scootch my ass out a 30" window & shimmy 25ft, across a 4th storey wall to get it done.

You see, that specific view belongs to the elite staying at the resort. You know, those girls I met from California that paid $300 USD for a cab into town. My view is the one I am posting. I love it and feel it provides me with all the luxury I need. (Not to mention, the added bonus of tossing down cans of beer to the fellas hauling the huge bins of towels, uphill, to the laundry; as well as watching & listening to the horses that move tourists up and down the beach.)

For what it's worth, I have always been of the opinion that individual wealth is relative. The challenging  part for me has always been, because they've attained or inherited it, they feel they are better than others. I suppose I can process that ideology, yet I struggle to understand it. Especially in a place like this, where people travel to relax, then insistently complain about small silly shit!

For this cat, as I walked into town yesterday, I realized one thing better than the majority of the peeps that are here.

...I am definitely richer than most think!